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Luke Leggett
May 10, 2020
In Speak your mind!
This is something that many people disagree on. Some people say nobody should have guns. Others say that we can have all the guns we want. My opinion is this. Taking away guns would only cause chaos in the country. If the governments outlaw guns then that would mean nobody would be able to own a gun. The Government would have to take away everybody's guns. I tell you what if the police showed up at my door demanding my guns, I would not want to give them the possessions that I use to defend myself. There would be riots and chaos throughout the US if the government decided to outlaw guns. Now I don't believe that you should be able to have a gun like an assault rifle. I think only the military should have something like that. Look at it this way. People blame guns for violence. But the gun is just a tool, you use a gun like you would use a screwdriver. Because you're not going to chase down a deer an kill it with your bare hands. It is just an easier way of doing things. Is a knife evil? Only if the person holding it is. So what is the solution? Make it hard for people that would use a gun to harm others. Have a background check for people that want to buy a gun. If they have a history of violence, don't let them buy a gun. There is never only one path, one choice, the only trouble is finding that solution to the problem. With every problem, give it enough thought and time and there is always a solution.

Luke Leggett

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