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About Great Debater

Our Story

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword and if you think about it, words have kept the world going ‘round since the dawn of history. We need to look no further than the ancient times to find masters of the oratory art and debating practices that have shaped humanity continuously. For instance, the very concept of democracy was built in Athens, upon the foundation that debating has provided.

Ever since, debating has been of paramount importance in every decision-making process. From the higher circles of leadership of grand companies to state politics, the capacity of being able to express oneself accurately is a quintessential condition for success. Furthermore, developing one’s capacities in the matters of public speaking, logic and eloquence never comes short of useful.


Established in 2014, Great Debater was created to enable individuals to express their opinions in a community setting. It was based on the premise that individuals empowered with their thoughts and opinions can create change and change can create a revolution. Our approach to debating stresses the impact it can have on audiences by providing means of broadening horizons and empowering through knowledge. We also emphasize character building, aiming to boost self-confidence while pursuing the ability of carrying out a structured and clear discourse. Moreover, debating can be an enjoyable way of developing social skills and staying up to date with current events. We hope you enjoy debating on Great Debater as much as we enjoyed creating Great Debater!

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