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Ashley Webb
Sep 08, 2019
In Start a Debate
I love learning history and I like to get other perspectives. Most recently I had a conversation with my friend whom is African American, and I think that my perspectives or the fact that it's something I was interested in talking about offended her because the next day she didnt talk to me and seemed angry with me. From my personal experiences, conversations, and interest in learning, I dont believe racism is a one way street. Is there a difference between white racism and black racism? Absolutely, but regardless of those differences, racism is the idea that one race is superior to another, but the only group that is truly superior in the sense they have control is what we call the "white man" which a term for the system that has set us against one another from the beginning . Anyways during my conversation with my friend the topic of African american kings and queens came up, and I was told that white people can not be kings or queens because the first kings and queens were the Egyptians and their skin was dark............😮it was an upsetting comment and I felt like I was being told that I was just a peasant because of the color of my skin...... so I ask why would a race that has experienced that same feeling and disregard make another person feel that way?....... sorry this post was a little everywhere but I just want to get thoughts and opinions, let's have a real conversation without being disrespectful, we can learn from each other, and we can agree to disagree without being statistics........
Ashley Webb
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