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Nov 13, 2020
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I don't understand why people who claimed to be non-binary or their allies are angry the first time I said this. Non binary is a trend that emerges and one day will evolve into something else, just like fashion, goths or harajuku. They have bold appearance with bright colored hair or make up, and have become a clique with their unique chosen pronouns from "them" to "ze" and anyone who dare not use it correctly, will be bashed. It's a trend because once they embraced it, they changed their course in fashion or way of living 180 without any signs to be like that beforehand. Unlike transgenders who has shown their tendencies to be transgender before they embraced their transgenderism. It seems like the biggest issue with nonbinary is their correct use of pronouns. Which is why in countries without gender specific pronouns we've never heard of this bold type of non binary until it was popularized by an English speaking country. I bet even if they were born in a country where pronouns was not an issue, they will find another word to describe their quirky appearance.
Nonbinary is a TREND. content media


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