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Jose Mangas Toro
Mar 18, 2022
In Start a Debate
Hello,I have createed this forum to discuss if we should express our opinion at all times. Just a few questions to get you thinking: A few days ago, someone did the Nazi salute; it wa obviously horrible, but what if thet person supported Hitler? What if someone there was Jew and his late grandfather was killed in the World War II? What if the person who did the Nazi salute had a late grandfather who died for Hitler? Some time ago, we did a debate about whether God exists or not; I for one am Cristian, but my main argument is that I believe that there is only one God. The reason I did that, is because I knew there were Muslims in the room, so I decided to respect that, but should I have? Because my true belief is that there is only one God, and if you don't believe in him but you have led a good life, he is forgiving. Should I have expressed my opinion? Would that person be bothered if I say that his god is not real? Should I be concerned if thatv person is bothered or should I ignore it and express my opinion? And is it morally correct to impose my religion if I am absolutely convinced that it is the real one? What if it's for my own benefits? What if I truly think that I am putting them in the right place?

Jose Mangas Toro

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