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Jul 1

White Privilege


White privilege exists. Change my mind.

Of course white privilege exists! So does moneyed privilege and black privilege and religious privilege and---, etc. The list of so-called privileges is long and specific to the culture, the geography, the time period one may use as a benchmark.


So while your statement is certainly true, it carries no weight or direction, or in my opinion, no purpose. Change my mind.

Non of these are true, and the moneyed privilege is as much of a gimmick as fat privilege

The specific topic of my direction was white privilege, but yes those other privileges do exist. I was just putting it out there for someone to disagree with or debate. Also, the effects white privilege by far surpass the effects of black privilege. And on the topic of money privilege, that's a privilege that white people experience more than any other race in America.

The ones that scream the loudest about so called white privalage are democratic socialist kooks. What we have is foreign invader privalage. They get alot more than me..a combat vet. We have money privalage also. We voted a black president in office. We have athlete privalage...Does this really need explaining? We have political privalage. Compared to all of this what ever white privalage there may be is insignificant!

Hello, first off, i like the change my mind but opposing side spin off of steven crowder it’s a fresh way to see the question and i love it, but to get into it, i do not think there is such a thing as white privileged. Now this may sound racist but these are the facts ok, here we go, there are not more black men and women in jail, only 34% of jail inmates are of african american race, those facts are straight from naacp, and 70% of african american women are employed, vs. 69% of caucasian american women are employed now only 66% of african american men are employed but 79% of caucasian americans employed, and african american unemployment is at a nation wide low. And studies show that if you take a white male and an african american male that have the same job in the same state get paid the exact same.

Most of the primary positions in America are occupied by whites. Control of the wealth to whites. This is white privilege.

Wow, your "facts" seem like blatant lies to me. First off, I don't recall anyone saying that there are more blacks in prison in America than whites. Yes, black people account for 34% of the imprisoned population. However, almost 70% of this country is white, so expecting a minority which makes up only about 12% of the population to have the same percentage of incarceration as whites, is just stupid. Not to mention that blacks are incarcerated more than 5 times the rate of whites. Either you read it wrong, you feel the need to protect your whiteness and make it seem as if you have the things you have and the job you have without any advantages, or, you're just lying for the culture. Whatever the reason may be, I did my own research on the same website you claimed you did, naacp.org. From this link https://www.naacp.org/criminal-justice-fact-sheet/ , here are some things I read:

* "In 2014, African Americans constituted 2.3 million, or 34%, of the total 6.8 million correctional population."

* "African Americans are incarcerated at more than 5 times the rate of whites."

* "The imprisonment rate for African American women is twice that of white women."

* "Though African Americans and Hispanics make up approximately 32% of the US population, they comprised 56% of all incarcerated people in 2015."

* "African Americans and whites use drugs at similar rates, but the imprisonment rate of African Americans for drug charges is almost 6 times that of whites."

* "A criminal record can reduce the likelihood of a callback or job offer by nearly 50 percent. The negative impact of a criminal record is twice as large for African American applicants."

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In America if you are white you must make peace with the fact that your life was based on a lie. Every thing a white person attains has so called white privilege as a major component to the base.Your white icons were Grandfathered to acclaim by racism, your success had white privilege enhancement. If you are struggling your fall will be less. Your gain will be greater. It is a cultural tie to history.

I've been white for a very long time, Manuel, and I do not have to 'make peace' with that fact! As my wife is always fond of saying, "It is what it is", and you go on from there. Obviously one makes do in this life with what they have or can get. I can safely say that the America you refer to was founded by a group of mostly white guys who managed to take these lands away from American Indians and Mexicans and--well, the list goes on. The history of humankind has always been this way. But it's good to remember that future history will see a very homogenized human being that is mostly just---human. Not black or white or somewhere inbetween. I'm not sure just because cogeneration will cause this to happen naturally there will be less bias or more equity. The 'making peace' you refer to in my mind is really dealing as best as one can with what one has or can become.

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When I say you must make peace I only mean that as an observation. The wealthy elite in this country who were white proclaimed freedom for all then recognized blackmen as three fifths human while they attrited red men. The direct historical line to that and today exists. The only thing that ended was killing and slavery. A criminal act is not met with justice by merely stopping the crime. Regardless of your position in society it would be worse if you weren't white. Denial of this is the lie. To play the white card is to proclaim so called color blindness when one of the main foundations of this society is to oppress based on color,then 250 years later deny the current consequences.

Manual, I'm sure that you, like me, are wondering why there are no other commenters/debaters on this or any other subject on this site. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I will only add a couple more comments to you regarding this subject and then will consider my time spent discussing it, done. I'll explain---I have given up---years ago, simply going through the process of taking sides in a discussion/debate for the 'thrill of the competition', as a well-known statesman once said years ago. I fall in to that category.


I believe that, quite simply, humanity's short time on this earth has been very successful in its evolutionary approach to determining fairness and equity. These two worthy goals are, and never have been, primary in the ongoing process. Superiority over its surroundings 'in all forms', comes first. Not that certain aspects of our lives don't suffer in the process---environment, societal norms, etc. I'm sure you're familiar with the historical genealogy of homo sapien and how it(we) managed to survive all the trials and tribulations along the way--from conquering the Neanderthal some 35,000 years ago, and the Cro-Magnon some few thousands of years after.. In virtually every instance, Homo Sapien has conquered the obstacles that either kept it from succeeding or helped create a path to where we are today.


The strong survive, and the weak succumb. It is only after this historical process has reached a plateau of comfort and convenience that any species, including Homo Sapiens, relax long enough to adjudge fairness or equity in what they have done, and then appear to level the playing field. This is where we are today, as I see it. It is a time, I believe, when virtually all things outside our societal environs have been--appeased.


Concluding--and I apologize for being so lengthy, I agree with your assessment that white supremacy exists. I also believe it will continue this way for some time in many locales, although not all. I mentioned earlier my belief that as the human race continues to exist, homogeneity will eventually render the entire argument moot. I am an old man. It won't be in my lifetime. I'm guessing it may take 4-5 more generations to create a more acceptable balance. But this is as it is! There is no way around it. Yes, the occasional revolution here or there will bring to boil all the acid in the unfairness in humanity. But I submit that there will be salves applied here and there to these festering wounds, and life will go on.


I thank you for your time and interest in discussing/debating this subject, Manual, and hope you fine peace with the 'what is'. This will be my last comments on the subject.

Things will not achieve balance in 4 to 5 generations if they are accepted as the natural evolutionary process of humanity. They must be recognized as an aberration, a literal devolving process that has led to the current state of madness. War has been waged by all men, however since the days of Rome and all her dysfunctional step children of Europe, it became more hideous in its destruction,subjugating the entire planet. This must never be acquitted as our timeline of progress. It has produced filth and toxic environments. It has created countless numbers of peasants with only reluctant acceptance to the crime as their anecdote to hopelessness. The basis of this in America is the subject of this debate,White Privilege. To deny it exists in my view is to say one group has achieved more based only on its inherent superiority. To acknowledge it then think it will simply fade away in my view is to insure it will continue. War or revolution will not end it. Only the polical art of politics will someday transform it to a real point of justice.






Typo on the last Statement, the polical art of compromise.

Jul 24

It doesn’t exist, change my mind.

It exists I believe because one group of people gained wealth by committing crimes against humanity against others. White privilege was gained as a robbery at the point of a gun. Just because the criminal activity has ceased doesn't mean justice was served. Feel different? Change my mind.

White privilege does exist. It's apparent in the set up of American society. First, obviously slavery, which was legally abolished in 1865. After slavery, newly freed black people were poor as hell. They had no way to support their families except to work for white people. Solution: sharecropping. This practice provided blacks with very low wages and a small place to live on a white family's plot of land, where they still did hard labor, day in and day out. Fast forward to the Civil Rights Movement, which mainly occurred through the 1950s - '60s. Looking back at this time, blacks were still poor as hell and segregated by Jim Crow Laws, the effects of slavery, and racism. Blacks were paid less for the jobs that they worked. That is, if they could get one in the first place. And when drugs were introduced to the poor black communities, it all went even more downhill from there. This is still happening now. Poverty is still ravaging the neighborhoods of blacks and other minorities in the U.S. These neighborhoods suffer from low education, they are comprised of low-income families, and they're overflowing with illegal substances and practices. This generational poverty is the cause of so many fatherless households, so many drug charges. When someone is imprisoned for a drug charge, it's extremely difficult to find a job to support one's family afterwards. And statistically, it's even more difficult if you aren't white. So, they revert back to what they know will bring them immediate income: drugs, a horrible, deadly, illegal lifestyle. A child being raised around that will be so mentally damaged. They will believe that there's no way out. Their actions will reflect what they've seen. They're forced to grow up too fast. You may be thinking, "White people can be poor too." Of course they can. But considering their vast social advantages, it's a lot more difficult for them to reach poverty than minority races. Other races have had huge setbacks in America, especially blacks. That's why most of America is white. That's why Affirmative Action is necessary. That's why blacks have the least median income per household in America. That's why blacks are incarcerated at more than five times the rate of whites. That's why white privilege exists.

Its very difficult for whites to come to grips with this. It doesn't just implicate America it implicates all European societies. The sadistic Spanish and Portuguese slave traders The French and British subjugation of Africa,genocides forced labor, torture,rape again and again. Then when it subsided the perpetrators said ,okay!Its over"we've now "set you free!"go fend for yourselves. No group of people could have endured this without terrible suffering and consequences. Now those who still reap benifiets from not just American white privilege but WORLD white privilege say" stop playing the race card!". Deal with the problems that exist within Black culture." The only problem with Black culture is that it became infested by White invading hordes. Saying that its now time to be color blind is the true playing of the White card. Not necessarily denying history, but worse yet,failing to acknowledge the consequences.

Being white is almost the furthest from an actual privilege. Its demonized. Most of you have no clue of what the definition of "privilege" is. If there is any "privileged" race, at least, based off of the ignorant definitions of most of you then Asians would have the most privilege.


The reality and facts are simple. Every other race in America has 3 times the financial programs given to only them to help them succeed. We don't have race problems in this country we have "culture" problems.


This is why you have 14% of the US population of blacks, being responsible for 62% of all violent crimes being reported. Unfortunately, today's world has everyone so scared of color conversations even when its factual and based off undeniable evidence.


The biggest bias of privilege is one no one ever talks about and that is WOMEN'S PRIVILEGE.

Goodness, where to start on this one. OK first off I think its possible to be racist and advocate equality. Here's where I think the real conflict exists. Many who adhere to equality, I feel are only accepting of others if those others adhere to a culture based on a white culture eminating from Europe, mainly England. Because of this if you dress or wear your hair differently,or you have a political view different from a Euro English center point your loyalty is questioned and sometimes your told "to go back from where you came." The unifying dynamic to America is nothing to do with culture, very little to do with morality and is based on our Constitution. I believe very soon Monolingual English speaking Americans will be a small minority. We can continue with a different language or as a secular society or with a different flag or language. But without the Bill of Rights as our centerpiece we lose our Republic and our identity.

@Tim Court How is being white almost "the furthest from an actual privilege"? White people came to America before it was America, stealing this land from Native Americans. White people enslaved Africans for hundreds of years because they were too lazy to cultivate their own crops. Black people have been demonized much longer than whites. Our skin color has long been hated. I'm not trying to belittle your emotions or whatever pain you feel from your race being "demonized." But looking back at what your ancestors did, it's clearly not a surprise why hatred is directed to whites.


Also, the women's privilege thing was so random. Men have much more privilege than women. In America, women didn't even get the right to vote until 1920. We're very underrepresented in politics. Our bodies are highly sexualized. But I really don't want to start this debate here.

@Taylor Perteete do not forget that when slaves were being transported from africa they the blacks were busy capturing each other and selling them into slavery. Also nothing is ever mentioned of all the irish slaves that came to america with indentured servitude. Of course you will downplay this as insignificant. Plus there were blacks that owned slaves in america. The 8ndians were busy killing and enslaving each other long before any Europeans came to america

I find it unconscionably ironic when a white man points to a blackmans cultural problems when it was that white mans culture that time and again perpetrated crimes against all cultures to retain a purpose of white entitlement and dare I say privilege. This was not promoted by all that were white,only by an elite white minority. Ultimately it oppressed everyone regardless of color.

Yes I agree that cultures can have problems in America White culture is the foundational element to crime being a problem in places like Baltimore as the financial and distribution element of the drug trade is established by unathorized white corporations who are very weathy. These are called organized crime.

Aug 7

I am a 28 yo straight white male with no high school diploma. My parents were broke my entire childhood and my dad was an attorney but still broke because he had so much education and experience no one could pay his price. I have been broke my entire life and suffer from extreme depression, anxiety, and hunger. So excuse me if I have a hard time believing that I have a privilege because of the pale bland ugly skin color that I am.

White privilege does not address the individual dilemma,it adrresses the societal movement. In your case as a white man,as I too am Caucasian, no matter how oppressed we are we don't have it topped off by rascism. And even if you and I must endure a slur its not at the quantitative level of many people of color. Nor are there the same level of consequences. The real racism as it exists today is exhibited in the want of many racists to maintain a society based on Eurocentric culture and ethical perspective amongst the entire population. I believe they repudiate this nations true history. They replaced the N word with words like cultural deficiencies, personal responsibility, criminals at the border etc. If you can legitimize so called American cultural unity you can eliminate the cultures of people seen as different. This might be histories most effective form of cultural purge. White privilege is very real and very dangerous. It forms the basis of repression for all people because it establishes the social order of the elite.

Aug 11Edited: Aug 11

@Manuel Gallego What evidence is there that systemic racism exists? You explain what you believe it exists for but you do not show any facts proving that it does exist at all... Are you some sort of liberal college professor? What are these moments of racism that are on a whole different level that you imply happen to people of color everyday? 2 years ago I had a vodka bottle thrown at my head and had to get 10 stitches because some black guy driving by saw me working Security and thought I was a cop so he yelled "Die you fucking pig!" and threw it from his car.

@Manuel Gallego isnt it hikariouse that according to left wing kooks a black man simply can not be racist? Alot of Mexicans call themselves (the race) asians are extremely racist. But no! All you ever here is white racism! I dont see any racism when a black man who plays a game well gets millions of dollars!

Systematic racisim exists as a variation of institutional racism. Legal slavery,segregation originally recognizing Blacks as less then human,decimation of the original nations of America. Because of such repression poverty exists today in Black and Native American communities. If you believe the past has been adequately addressed to me that represents the most dangerous aspect of racism, the continuance of the current social order that features white dominance of power throughout the world or at least a world system based on elitism. You can not validate such views with so called facts, however you cannot point to any data that shows these problems have been addressed.

Aug 12

If you can not prove that these problems exist in the first place of course you can not point to any data that shows they have been addressed. Is it not possible that maybe because of their grudge for the past slavery that most black people became rebellious to society and raised their kids this way? In turn causing them to drop out of school, join gangs, do drugs and all the other problems we see in predominately black areas? I have not met one black person my age that was raised to respect the police or white people and I grew up in Los Angeles. I know that they exist but it speaks to how rare it is and as culture it is cool to hate them which is very wrong but to SJWs it is okay. If you are taught to hate police and argue with them you will end up in jail and that is why they do. Institutional racism does not exist and I bet you can not give me even one example of it. Just because something is commonly believed by many people does not make it true.

@shamrokzz How ignorant can you be? You really believe that black people raise their kids to hate you? Just because you're white and your life sucks doesn't mean it's everyone else's fault.


Poverty is what creates gangs and violence and school dropouts and "all the other problems we see in predominantly black areas." When you grow up in a poverty infested neighborhood, where no one goes to college and few people even graduate from high school, there tends to be animosity towards police who seem to only want to keep you down.

I find it interesting how you advocate the use of statistical evidence to make a point then turn around and use your personal experiences to show an absolute conclusion or at least a compelling point. The next layer of irony is you base your evidence of insightful wisdom on a number of interactions with African Americans along with things you may have heard people say in the streets. I say that it is my experience that all people expose their children to practical living values and all people have disfunctional elements existing in their families. It's just the ones who happen to be of a darker color have this compounded by a history of hateful discrimination that now many of the children of the perpetrators choose to minimize.

Aug 12

Yes I gave an example based on my experience but that doesn't mean I do not have facts to support it I just have a lot of experience as well. Problem: In the black community it is cool to hate police. Fact: Like people will tell you (especially if you are a white rapper) Rap and Hip Hop are music that speaks for the black culture. So if this is true there is not one rap song by a black person that speaks good about the cops but almost all of them talk shit about the cops or white people directly or indirectly. If I understand you correctly you are saying that the newer generation of black people are trying to minimize racism. So lets say institutional racism does exist, you really think spreading more racism is the way to fix it? Because that is what we are seeing when people are silenced and not allowed to have a voice just because they are white. That is also why I believe these mass shootings are usually commited by white men. They are not allowed to speak or have a say in anything these days unless they are liberal snowflakes. In turn there is much bottled up anger that just builds and builds until they go crazy or suicidal.

What facts or data do you have that rap does not ever feature a pro cop narrative other then what is heard by your ears. And now you somehow give responsibility to mass killings because the so called liberal snowflakes are hurting the feelings of the white mass shooters? AND on top of all that you turn around again and say Black people should stop complaining about past injustice even though documented FACT says the American government issued directive to pay reparations and then turned around and decided to deny the reparations they had promised. The layers of irony could build a second Sears tower.

@shamrokzz There are so many things to address, wow.

1.) You constantly use personal experiences to back up your privileged mindset.

2.) How would you know what's "cool" in black communities? You aren't black, nor do you live in a black community.

3.) All black people do not hate police. Most black people do not hate police. We call the police for emergencies just like you do.

4.) You haven't heard every black rapper's song about police.

5.) Institutional racism DOES exist.

6.) How are white people "silenced"? If anything, minorities are silenced. We're told to stop complaining because we all have an equal opportunity in this country to be successful, which is complete bs.

7.) And now you're defending mass murderers? They're being "silenced" so they decide to kill craploads of innocent people? That actually makes sense to you? Mass murderers are not normal people. When the average person gets angry about being "silenced" they don't shoot up schools or public places.

Aug 16

@Taylor Perteete 1.) At least I have something to back up my mindset instead of just numbering opinions with no data.


2.) Actually did grow up in a black community in West Los Angeles called inglewood. I also rap for fun and have done so since I was little. There was only a few black people that respected me for it until I got older. I have nothing against black people but I do have something against racism and denied free speech.


3.) I hope you are correct about this and maybe it is just where I grew up and rap culture.


4.) If you cant find one anywhere does that not say something? Come on be real...


5.) Once again another blatant opinion with no data to back it up. I can assure you there is no evidence of it...watch steven crowders video on it.


6.) Who is getting away with telling minorities to do anything at this day and age???? White people generally are not allowed to be taken seriously or even given a credible platform to speak because of the liberal bias and idiots like AOC. Even scarlett johanson was a victim of this.


7.) There we go being a snowflake and putting words in my mouth. I am defending mass murderers I simply have a different theory as to why many are of a certain sex and race recently...I believe that stress and anger combined with prescriptions for those problems drove them to the point of insanity but thats just my and Tim Pool's theory but we could be wrong..

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Aug 12Edited: Aug 12

Try googling "rap song about good cops" then "rap song about bad cops" and there is your fact if there is a song that's about good cops it doesn't exist in a google search so no one has probably heard it or wanted to hear it because that wouldn't be cool. If you really believe that black culture respects white people or cops you must live under a rock. Please do not put words in my mouth, I never said anything about black people complaining all I said was that because of slavery it might be possible that they held a grudge and passed it on to their kids. I do not know anything about the reparations to be paid by the government to black people but I know that I am Irish why aren't the English paying me for my oppression? And why do you not hear any other race complain about having been slaves or oppressed? Because they know it did not happen to them directly and rioting in the streets throwing rocks and silencing people playing the victim just makes you look like an ass. The government probably realized that paying every single black person in America would leave them damn near broke and open a whole new world of opportunity for anyone else that come up with a reason that they should be compensated.... By the way silencing someone for their skin color is a whole different thing than hurting their feelings. When people get silenced and have no platform to voice their opinion bad things happen FACT. I just went Ben Shapiro all over your shit bruh ; )

I place very little value in a pursuance of truth by way of Google,Twitter or anything else that makes people talk baby talk. I think federal reparations to anyone who's been opressed are valid as long as they're pro rated for both duration and amount of suffering inflicted. This would mean a significant redistribution of wealth. If that sounds Marxist to you let me make clear that I feel the only way to see that we can afford the high price of justice is to promote a policy of responsible free market deregulation. If the people who are proficient in providing resourses should flee the American market we will be left to battle for the remaining assets amongst,intellectuals,artists and religionists.

Aug 12Edited: Aug 12

Fact: It took you two hours to make a small paragraph that only addresses one of the topics I replied to above. Fact: I have a lot of knowledge and experience in a specific subject but I am just getting into politics so I can not speak to you about Marxism or the free market because I have not studied them enough. I hope you can respect that because it is something you never hear people say with the exception of Candace Owens. My people were oppressed but you do not see me asking for compensation. You know why? Because they're used to be a time that people did not accept hand outs and actually had a sense of pride and self accountability. I was a victim of many things but I do not go around trying to gain others sympathy for a profit. No instead you suck it up, eat a fucking steak and get over it because that's what your ancestors had to do and they were actually fucking oppressed and could not eat a steak. FYI social media and the internet is the normal form of communication now. If you can not rely on a google search to give you an idea of what is popular than you are stuck in the 80s. Especially if it is music which is pretty much only bought online now. Did you notice how if you do either one of those searches the whole list is of songs regarding police racism or brutality?

You can be Shapiro as long as I get to be the guy who handed him his head,Andrew Neil. ( you tube Shapiro vs. Neil, hilarious.) If you do not have a practical knowledge in how to create resourses you have no real political,or social platform. Theoretical political science is as credable to the practical truth as a degree in underwater basket weaving. Financial resource is the key to any social movement and can only be achieved through a basic collectivist concept of contractual agreements and the bequeathed wealth of investors,aka wealth past on to you by your family or personal advocate,along with the quality of your instincts. African Americans were denied this throughout the entire American history. Native Americans were simply decimated. No group of people can endure such a history without being ravaged and every group who were opressed ultimately turned to crime during their term of oppression. That said the Irish,Italians,Jewish people and other Europeans were allowed assimilation while people of color simply were not. American Caucasians have lived under the lie that somehow it was they who created a nation of vast wealth and justice when in fact much wealthier healthier and more free nations preceded their unlawful invasion. The consequence to this is something that I have witnessed for 6 decades,the transfer from a predominantly English euro culture to a more Spanish culture from places such as Mexico,Salvador,and Honduras,along with the primary intellectual and artistic aspect coming from the African American people. And now in a new blessing a Somali Refugee may soon deliver us from the ineptitude of our current shameful leadership. I truly believe when the African American community is granted through resource a level playing field,many of our current dilemmas will be made obsolete.

Do you mean the African refugee that is a congresswoman? The one that hates America and all that it stands for? America let's her in her life improves greatly and she hates the country that welcomed her.


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