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Most Popular: The Age of COVID-19

Some people believe it's all a conspiracy.

Some people believe masks shouldn't be enforced.

Some people believe the economy should never be on lockdown.

Some people believe this is a violation of our human rights.

Some people believe in the complete opposite.

Share your thoughts here! What do you think about the Age of Coronavirus?

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Not fake perse, but deff! taken adventage of the situation. this wasnt the first epidemic we have seen in our short time here on earth. Mexican flu etc. It is sad that people die, it is sad that people get sick. But do you think the governments cares about us that badly? Who thinks that is true is living an ignorant life. They think that they know what is best for us. They believe they do things for the existence of the humankind and for the best intentions. If killing a few, if scaring a few will get that job done. They wont hesitate to do it. They tell us lies and lies, and this all is well documented and…


There are corporate entities and governments who actively seek to find an instrument, a tool to gain absolute control over vast swaths of people. Misuse of the COVID-19 crisis will result in an even greater general surveillance of our citizenry at large. In effect, a consolidation of personal information by Intel Agencies, then passed along to corporate entities. I reference here the NSA's PRISM program also referred to as Special Source Operations (SSO). An Intel division of the NSA working in voluntary cooperation with one hundred so called, trusted U.S. companies. In effect, identifying all person to person, interaction(s). Screened, cataloged and recorded, targeting both casual and friendly relationships. Under the guise of a COVID 19 epidemic, smartphones will constan…

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