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We need to get rid of Black History and LGBTQ+ month.
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Tracy A. Bellian
Feb 27, 2021
I strongly disagree for various reasons. The purpose of Black History and LGBTQ+ months are events that occur on the basis of remembering important events and people in black history as well as to spread the message and work to achieve justice and equal opportunity to those in the LGBTQ+ community. So not only do these months serve the purpose of honoring and educating they also further recognizing minorities and are remembrance and appreciation- a step against the hatred of people in the minorities. I understand your argument that it may be becoming detrimental to the bigger picture, but by getting rid of these months we are further ignoring minorities, and to the general public at least this time is used to honor and educate themselves about these minorities, and even without these acts or events at all we are practicing ignorance as a society. I agree that this education should also be included for the entirety of the year, but having a special month where minorities are taken into relevance with honor and support, we are only helping support these communities, having no negative effects whatsoever to our society. But by removing these months ignorance may continue or strengthen among our society which is not beneficial by any means. For anyone who questions the importance of black history and LGBTQ+ months, please look into the past, and racism, suppression, and homophobia are all wrong and are formed on the basis of hatred. These months honor, cherish, remember, educate, and remind people of these communities' presence, and troubled, dark history of being suppressed, discriminated, and acts of hate hurting and attacking human lives, simply cause of race and/or their gender identity or sexuality. I hope you reconsider your thoughts and educate yourself on the necessity for change.

Tracy A. Bellian

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