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Lex Follensbee
Sep 19, 2019
In Start a Debate
This isn’t a normal debate, but I’ll explain. Long story short, my boyfriend and I are dorming together this year for college. We rarely fight, but a couple weeks ago we got into 2 different fights. Out of anger my boyfriend sent an email both times saying he wanted a new roommate. We understand this wasn’t the correct or mature way to fix our argument/fight. Basically, the resident hall director wants my boyfriend to move out tomorrow. Keep in mind, there are people emailing him at least 3 or more times wanting a new roommate, but he won’t change them. My boyfriend sends a second email and immediately has to be changed. I have to meet with the res hall guy tomorrow and I have a few points as to why my boyfriend shouldn’t get moved. I was just wondering if any of you had some good points to add. Thank you!

Lex Follensbee

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