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American greatness
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Jan 30, 2020
Firstly, this is an over-inflated mindset perpetrated by several politicians. However, this is an absolutely egoistic statement. The 3 main arguments are: 1. The USA has always tried to divide the world and bias it against the spread of non-capitalist ideologies. Be it the Cold War or the Vietnam War, it has always meddled in national affairs to prevent the spread of communism/socialism/Iriquios-like systems/etc. This is a clear cut violation of the fatherly vision which is carefully depicted. It is more of a wannabe hegemony which the USA wishes to establish, but fails at many steps. 2. The USA pretends to be the world's Big Brother, always watching and always disrupting internal affairs of countries. It is well-known for inciting and militarily funding wars in already third-world countries (Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq). This doesn't imply that Russia is innocent. It is equally responsible for the two. However, the USA acts as if the world is its playground. 3. The USA has gone to great and immoral extents to secure its so-called 'number one' position in economic and other dominances. It supplies military aid to Pakistan to disallow civilian relations among Pakistan and India. India is a major contender for the royal spot which the USA owns. However, it also funds India to resist China, which is a greater rival. These sort of ties are also enforced by the forced Global Reserve Currency being the Dollar. To end, I believe that no country can be offered that title and least of all, the USA. The title can only be achieved if the world is united as a peaceful country.
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