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Mar 31, 2020
In Start a Debate
After rumours of UK becoming the 51st state of U.S.A I reckon it would benefit both parties however it would bring us into a lot of war from that U.S.A were originally involved with. However, it's better health care, more resources and if Scotland declared independence from the U.K then there is minimal point in having a triple U.K so potentially Northen Ireland and Wales would want independence too, we'd end up joining the U.S.A but what would we do with the NHS and would Boris Johnson still run our country due to Trump being in mainland U.S.A. Also what currency would we use, would pounds be a think of the past and nobody uses it no more and the ex U.K countries use Euros and we use dollars or do we still use pounds and keep our currency going? Also, pretty ironic that U.K would be under the control of U.S.A after us having control over them for years , very controversial and ironic, would Americans be happy with us joining their country and talk of country would England (predicting England were the only to join) now become a city state, most likely the smallest if my Geography is on point or would we still be a country but part of America because how can Boris say, ''I am the Prime Minister of a state'' And there's another thing, would it be called Prime Minister or President and would Boris own some of Mainland U.S.A because to me that's just giving all power to a newcomer, and if you reckon Boris is going to hand over his power like water in a bucket then your off your mind.


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