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Thoughts on Trump's first term as President?
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May 29, 2021
@Steve Wilson Please lose the immature “kiddy pool” comments. Such remarks make you appear childish and arrogant. If you had been old enough to have a job when Trump was President you would know that his tax cuts were great for all Americans. They put me over the goal line for the jacuzzi I wanted by giving me about $4,000 of the $16,000 total cost. The individual deduction doubled, each bracket was cut, the corp tax is down 14%, the LLC exemption is $21,000. If you are not paying less in taxes it is because you paid none to begin with. Trump got us back in space. Yes, it was a private company that accomplished the tasks. But they did it UNDER CONTRACT with the US government, just like Lockheed and Boeing (private companies) have done for years. Space-X spent their own money on a series of independent launches which all failed. Just as their money was about to run out they had a successful one which convinced NASA to bring them under contract. They docked with the Space Station under that contract. You think they just built a rocket, drove it to the space station, knocked on the door and asked if anyone was home? Such an effort requires massive design efforts to guarantee compatibility between systems. Your lack of understanding about how huge engineering efforts are performed simply reinforces our assumption about your adolescence. Trump kept my family safe in many ways from the first DOCUMENTED/SIGNED peace accords in the Middle East, to Operation Anaconda which stationed US troops in Romania, Hungary, Poland, the Baltic States, Ukraine, and Hungary and gave game-changing JAVELIN to the Ukraine, established the Army's "Cyber Branch", secured our southern border with an obstacle "WALL", created our new "SPACE FORCE", ended North Korean nuclear testing, to the first real pay raise for the military in many years (Obama CUT military pay… when cost of living is 2.3% and Obama gave a 1.0 % pay “raise”… it is actually a CUT… Obama was supposed to use the ECI (Employment Cost Index) for military pay raises.. he shortchanged the military.. ECI vs Obama “raises”.. 2014(2.3% vs 1.0%), 2015(1.8% vs 1.0%), 2016(2.3% vs 1.3%)… snopes. com/fact-check/obama-cuts-military-pay/, and so much more. ISIS was CLOBBERED under Trump… ISIS CAPITAL CITY Raqqa captured under Trump’s watch … cnn. com/2017/07/10/politics/townsend-mosul-raqqa-isis/index. html… ISIS LARGEST CITY Mosul captured under Trump’s watch … independent. co. uk/news/world/middle-east/mosul-latest-iraqi-government-forces-recapture-city-heaviest-defeat-a7832186. html. Let me ask you... was Minneapolis looted and burned under Trump? Was Kenosha looted and burned under Trump? Were cities from coast to coast looted and burned under Trump? Was Macy's looted under Trump? No... he kept us safe. I'm not sure what you mean by "lost money" but whatever it is cannot be anywhere near as bad as the current Democrat monthly multi-trillion dollar spending bills.
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