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Is Automation a concern?

Updated: May 5, 2019

Question of the day: With over half of the world's jobs being at risk of automation in the near future, is universal basic income a good idea?

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Alfred Marshal would argue that this advancement would increase real wages dramatically


It depends on who you are. The prospect of being replaced by robots is unprecedented in history and I personally don't think corporations would have any quarrels with dispensing human labor all together in exchange for free automated labor. If you own the machines then you don't have anything to worry about, and if you have a human job which which can't yet be automated, then you're secure, or at least secure for now. I would think the introduction of robots would dramatically escalate the disparity of power between the social classes. This has great social and political ramifications. Personally speaking, I wouldn't hesitate to use robots to eliminate all my political enemies, but I also wouldn't want robots to…


The original protestors of machinery, in the 1400s, had a unique way of protesting. Netherlands textile mills replaced a lot of workers with machines. The workers protested by throwing their wooden shoes (called Sabot) into the machinery to jam it up. This process became the root of that famous term "Sabotage." Machinery and technology has been replacing what should rightfully be known as REPLACEABLE jobs for centuries. In the process, automation has made our lives better. The intelligent workers managed to find some other line of work. (The Gomer Pyle gas pump jock managed to self promote to convenience store manager, working indoors while customers pumped their own gas. Stuff like that.) You could spend several HOURS just chronicling the…


Technology in the United States first brought people together and added more to our life. It seems like the positive benefits of advancing into technology soon turned into unexpected violations of privacy, e-mail scams, laziness or unhealthy habits, replacing jobs with machines, etc. Before people knew it, their lives had become reliant on technology instead of adding more. Animation is used in movies, interactive gaming, education purposes, and interpreting personalities. There's not a single age group that this doesn't effect. People went from waiving at neighbors to liking posts on social media, which doesn't count as an actual conversation. Automation took hold of our desires to reach out to others, completely changing human social encounters. Along with that came "fake"…


Automation will take jobs and such away from people who need it. Now that sounds scary until you realize that we need humans to create new technology in the first place. A full robotic-only world isn't a concern in our era. Eventually, artificial intelligence will most likely, considering our statistics, become a useful tool to come up with new ideas and inventions for new automation. But for right now, and for the next 100-200 years, we will be alright because humans still need to create the automation and A.I. that robots just aren't smart enough to figure out yet.

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